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Funded R&D projects

An overview of presently funded R&D projects

NANO2021 (Norwegian Research Council)

LIVERPASS – Development of new technology to reduce unwanted uptake of large molecule compounds and nano-formulations in liver

Period: 2017 – 2020

Support: 4.7 MNOK

Capacity: D’Liver is project owner; AstraZeneca and University of Tromsø are partners

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Horizons 2020 ITN (European Commission)

DeLiver ITN – a European training network focusing on nanoscopy.

DeLIVER ITN is a training program dedicated to early stage researchers, for the development & application of high speed, high resolution imaging tools for biomedical research. The project aims at studying the function and dynamics of the nanosized pores of liver endothelial cells, currently below the optical diffraction limit. With both academic and private partners, of which 4 SMEs, DeLIVER offers the opportunity to acquire highly valuable skills in physics and biomedical sciences, strongly valuable for the ERS’s career development.

Period: 2017 - 2021

Capacity: D’Liver AS is one of the 4 SMEs that participate in the project; project owner is Universität Bielfeld (Germany)

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MABIT (Industrial R&D program in Northern Norway)

Development of new method for reduction of unwanted drug uptake in liver (Part 1, Synthesis)

Period: 2018

Support: 0,32 MNOK

Capacity: D’Liver is partner; Norut is project owner


Development of new method for reduction of unwanted drug uptake in liver (Part 2, Biological study)

Period: 2018 – 2019

Support: 0,29 MNOK

Capacity: D’Liver AS is project owner; Norut and University of Bilbao (Spain) are partners

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