Liver uptake specialists

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Freshly isolated liver cells

D'Liver has unique expertise in isolating highly purified freshly prepared cultures of hepatocytes, Kupffer cells (KCs) and liver sinusoidal endothelial cells (LSECs). These cells, isolated by us on a short time scale, have a purity of > 90% and maintain their remarkable physiological scavenger function.

To study intact liver cell uptake functions, freshly isolated liver cells cannot be replaced by any commercial available cell line. No commercial cell lines are able to maintain the highly specific liver uptake mechanisms in cell culture. 

Primary LSECs kept in cultures for more than a day, even under optimal conditions, lose their characteristic scavenger function. Replated 'primary LSECs' or cell lines originating from primary LSECs, are useless in studies on LSEC scavenger function.