Liver uptake specialists

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In vivo ADMET studies

We perform tailored in vivo liver uptake assays, as well as general pharmacokinetic, biodistribution and liver cell toxicology studies, of biologics and nanopharmaceuticals.
This includes biopharmaceutical compounds that are under development either as a free drug, drug formulation or nanoparticle formulation.

We perform assays of native compound(s) or compound(s) labelled with isotopes/fluorochromes.

The assays can be performed in fish, mice, rats and pigs and will quickly determine whether a compound is taken up, distributed and/or metabolized by the liver. 

Liver cell distribution studies

D’Liver’s unique expertise in isolating highly purified freshly prepared cultures of hepatocytes, Kupffer cells (KCs) and liver sinusoidal endothelial cells (LSECs) enables us to determine the exact cellular site(s) of liver uptake and metabolism after administration of the compound. We also detect toxicological effects on these cell types.