Liver specialists

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About us

We contribute in the process of making biopharmaceutical success stories; D'Liver is a contract research organization that aims to increase the number of successful large and small biopharmaceuticals. 

The meanings of the name D’Liver:

  • Our focus area is the liver
  • Our work concerns delivering biopharmaceuticals to the target tissue
  • We deliver quality


Mission statement

D’Liver uptake control

We have cutting edge expertise in liver uptake mechanisms. By focusing on the three cell types in liver that play major roles in blood clearance, we give new insight in ADMET properties to help our customer’s develop their products faster and safer.



We strive to reach our vision "Contributing to biopharmaceutical success stories" by:

  • Developing our unique competence in liver uptake mechanisms
  • Being in the forefront of developing innovative products and services that will enhance the development of biopharmaceuticals
  • Setting new standards in drug delivery
  • Playing an important role in the regional, national and international biopharmaceutical industry